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Elaine Hisae Aron, daughter of Uhachi and Marjorie Hisako Takamatsu, born August 19, 1931, in Honolulu, HI passed on October 8, 2022, at the age of 91.

Elaine Takamatsu was raised Hawaiian of Japanese descent during World War II and lived just miles from Pearle Harbor during the bombing at the age of ten. After completing Nursing School in Honolulu to become a nurse, she attended St. John’s Hospital School of Anesthesiology in Springfield, IL completing a one-year program to be a certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.  Elaine enlisted in the US Air Force after this for further training. Elaine became a First Lieutenant while stationed in Japan where she met Second Lieutenant Dr. Howard Aron. They flew to Santa Monica, CA to get married where Elaine Hisae Takamatsu became Elaine Hisae Aron on October 8, 1959. After her discharge from the Air Force, Elaine and Howard first settled at the Cardinal House on Spout Run in Arlington, VA. They choose Virginia to be near Howard’s family even though they were considered an inter-racial marriage which was still illegal in Virginia (and not Hawaii), at the time. When expecting the third child in 1963 they bought their first home in McLean, VA where they went on to raise their four children. They had homes over the years in Maryland, Virginia, Hawaii, and Florida; but Elaine kept saying, “Hawaii is my REAL HOME.” 

Elaine practiced Anesthesiology at DC General Hospital for 15 years from 1962 to 1976. She continued working double shifts at the hospital while also working to open Dr Howard Aron’s Optometry Practice in Woodbridge, VA. She worked at the office as the Optician that fitted and assisted in selecting patients with glasses. She was also the Optical Technician that ground the lenses, shaped the frames, and did all the final fittings and adjustments. She would go to all the Optometry conventions with Howard and of course arrange all the travel. She was also the Office Manager, Office Receptionist, Office Secretary, and Filing clerk. Not to mention she was the lunch-cook and cleaning service. She also kept all the paperwork and did all their own taxes both personally and for the business. Aside from these talents, Elaine sewed her own clothes and the kids’ clothes growing up. She cooked everything home-made from scratch and threw all the large family gatherings single-handedly. She never stopped Cooking or Gardening up to the end! She cooked like a Master Chef and Gardened even better, as many neighbors will attest. She lived by her philosophy to “Be kind to your Neighbors; Spend lots of time with your family and friends with Family First; Make memories and take lots of pictures to spark the memories.” 

Elaine’s husband, Howard passed away earlier than expected on August 9, 2016. Elaine had been love-sick and stopped all travel to stay at her Leesburg home to cook, garden, chop trees, power wash decks, lay bricks stairs and paths, vacuum leaves from her street and weed all the neighbors’ lawns too. Elaine and Howard worked and played together, vacationed together, and did everything together rarely being apart for over 56 years. She passed away on her Wedding Anniversary. She will now be at peace with the love of her life to be happily ever after at Arlington Cemetery.

Elaine Aron leaves behind her daughters Charlene and Debbie, her sons Todd and Scott, her granddaughter Denise and two great-grandsons Byron and Maurice, her brothers Herbert and Daniel and their loving wives Hanayo and Ethel, and many other loved ones.

The family will receive friends on Sunday, October 23, from 2pm-6pm, where a memorial service will be held at 3pm.  Service will be livestreamed and viewable after by visiting Memorial Service


Wednesday, August 19, 1931 (Born):

Elaine Hisae Takamatsu was Born in Honolulu, HI

Tuesday, February 7, 1933 (Age 1):

Howard Aron was born in Washington, DC

September 1, 1939 (Age 8):

Start of WWII - Life for a child and everyone would change for years to come. Curfews were set and lights could not be turned on after dark.

Sunday, December 7, 1941, at 7:48am (Age 10):

Pearle Harbor was bombed - Adult Japanese men were sent to concentration camps and Elaine feared having her father taken away; but then they ran out of room at the camps, so he got to stay! There was no swimming even years after the war until they could sweep for any possible explosives in the beaches and shores.  This is why Elaine could never swim even though she grew up in Hawaii.

September 2, 1945 (Age 14):

WWII ends

1948 (Age 17):

Anti-Miscegenation Law allowed inter-racial marriages to be legal in the State of California, but when they arrived to live in Maryland / Virginia they were now "illegal".  A Russian Jewish man married a Japanese woman. Dad often mentioned jokingly that he had a warrant for his arrest because he married my mother...and it was really no joke!

1950-1953 (Age 20-23):

Korean War

1952 (Age 21):

Elaine became a US Citizen thru passing of the McCarran-Walter Act that allowed anyone born in Hawaii while it was a US Territory, including Japanese, to become a Naturalized US Citizen

1949-1956 (Age 18-25):

Somewhere between 1949 and 1956 Elaine attended Nursing School in Honolulu, HI to be a Nurse Anesthetist and receive further training for this in the Air Force.

November 1, 1954 (Age 24):

After completing Nursing School in Honolulu, she attended St. John's School of Anesthesiology to complete study program in the Art of Anesthesia to go on to receive further training for this in the Air Force.

November 1, 1955 (Age 25):

Start date of the Viet Nam War (1955-1975)

December 26, 1956 (Age 25):

Enlisted in US Air Force official Entry Date

February 16, 1957 (Age 26):

Ordered to extend Active Duty Indefinitely Stationed at Camp Springs, MD

1957-1959 (Age 26-28):

Somewhere between 1957 and 1959, Elaine was transferred overseas to Japan and promoted to First Lieutenant where she met the love of her life, Second Lieutenant Dr Howard Aron (Elaine was refused entry into the Officer's club because of her Japanese heritage even though she had the rank)

August 21, 1959 (Age 28):

Hawaii became the 50th State

October 8, 1959 (Age 28):

Elaine Hisae Takamatsu married Dr Howard Aron in Santa Monica, CA before a judge and became Elaine Hisae Aron.

May 22, 1960 (Age 28):

Honorable Discharge as First Lieutenant released at Andrews Air Force Base (6 months pregnant because they kept needing her up until the last minute possible) Her DD214 paperwork listed her race as Mongolian rather than Japanese?

August 11, 1960 (Age 28):

Gave birth to first born child, Charlene Monica Aron, on Andrews Air Force Base and settled to live in the Cardinal House on Glebe Road Spout Run in Arlington, VA

1961-1976 (Age 29-45):

Worked at DC General Hospital as a Nurse Anesthetist for 15 Years.

July 18, 1961 (Age 29):

Gave Birth to second child, Debra Leilani Aron, at DC General Hospital where Elaine had started working.

1961 (Age 29):

Bought first home in McLean, VA

January 11, 1962 (Age 30):

Passed Nurse Exam to be a certified Registered Nurse in District of Columbia so that she could work at DC General Hospital as Anesthetist for the next 15 years from 1962 to 1976.

December 28, 1963 (Age 31):

Gave birth to first son, Todd Andrew Aron

April 6, 1965 (Age 32):

Gave birth to youngest son, Scott Nathan Aron

1967 (Age 36):

Anti-Miscegenation Law allowed inter-racial marriages to be legal in the State of Virginia and Maryland.  Their marriage and all four children are finally legal!

January 1, 1970 (Age 38):

Certificate presented for membership as a Nurse Anesthetist with The American Association of Nurse Anesthetist at St John's Hospital in Springfield, Illinois

1970 (Age 38):

Opened Dr Howard Aron Optometrist Practice in Woodbridge, VA. while continuing to work double shifts at DC General Hospital two days a week from 3pm to 7am and then opening the office each day by 9am.

1976 (Age 45):

Retired from DC General and Anesthesiology

2001 (Age 70):

Elaine and Howard retired together.  They closed Dr Howard Aron's Optometry Practice to travel and enjoy life with family and friends.

August 9, 2016 (Age 84):

Elaine's Husband and Lifetime Soulmate passed away after over 56 years of marriage leaving her heartbroken.  She stopped traveling and stayed at her home gardening and "preparing" still surrounded by her loving children, friends, and neighbors.

October 8, 2022 (Age 91):

Elaine said Aloha and joined her husband when she passed away on her Wedding Anniversary.  Both will be interred at Arlington Cemetery where their legacy and memories will be happily ever after!


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