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Muriel Davis

April 14, 1938  −  August 7, 2021



Muriel Davis was born in the town of Above Rocks in the parish of St. Catherine in Jamaica. She is the youngest child of Kenute Davis and Cassilda Hammond. As a child, Muriel was cared for by her maternal grandmother, Lucy Williams, whom she affectionately called ‘moma,’ and by her maternal aunt, Adella West.


Muriel attended public schools in Above Rocks and Spanish Town and moved to Kingston as an adolescent to live with her mother, Cassilda Hammond. Muriel was an industrious young lady and she worked as a cook while she was in Kingston. In Kingston, she was blessed with three children, Michael, Marlene, and Elaine.


Muriel was determined, and she left Jamaica for Quebec City, Canada by the mid-1970s. She returned to Kingston to fetch her children for the United States in 1979. In Falls Church, Virginia, where she settled, she was a single-mother to three adolescents, and she worked diligently first as a certified nursing assistant for lliff Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center. Muriel worked for Fairfax County Public School until she retired.


Muriel’s work career is testimonial of her hard-work and her persistent efforts to better herself and her family. After her retirement, Muriel travelled to Montego Bay, Negril, and Kingston, Jamaica. She travelled to Ghana, West Africa and toured the World Heritage slave castles in Cape Coast and Elmina.


Muriel loved to crochet, and she made hats, scarfs, and blankets which she gifted to family and friends. Muriel liked to do cross-word puzzles and enjoyed playing bingo. She was an avid gardener.


Muriel was blessed with nine grandchildren, Michael Jr., Daine, Janagale, Romaric, Basil Jr., Matthew, Jordan, Anaya and Egjayba, all of whom cherished their time with her: she was a wonderful grandmother and gave of her time freely.


When she was admitted to hospital in the past month, Muriel was in good spirits. She had survived a stroke a year earlier and was recovering. When she passed away, she was surrounded by her loved ones.


Muriel lived a life of honesty and simplicity. She cared deeply about her children and grandchildren and was an attentive and loving aunt to many of her nieces and nephews. She had an infectious laugh. Muriel will be missed deeply. Muriel is preceded in death by her daughter, Marlene; her sister, Maude; and her two brothers, Vincent, and Aston.


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Tribute to Mamma by Elaine and Michael


You always used to say ”it may be long, but it won’t be forever,” and “trust in God.” You have struggled with us and kept us together. When times got hard and lean, and they did, you started your fresh eggs business. You told us that it served two purposes; you can make money selling eggs and we will always have food to eat. When others started their fresh eggs business you said that the market was getting too crowded and went to Canada to look at other prospects. Your stay in Canada was short. When you returned to Jamaica, you struggled but you eventually made it to the US and within a year, we were all with you. You were never one to sit and cry about how hard life was. In fact, we never saw or heard you cry while we were growing up. The only time we remember you crying, no, wailing…was when your daughter, Marlene, left us suddenly. You worked many jobs, and many shifts until you became a nursing assistant. You said the work was hard, but you liked taking care of people. You took care of us. You supported us. You gave us what you had. You nurtured us. You loved us. We are better people because of you. Even in your last days, you said everything will be alright, trust in God. Mamma we are trusting in God through all of this. You started your life in America, here in Falls Church, and we lay you to rest where you started your American journey. Mamma, we love you. We will miss you. May God keep you in his loving care.


Tribute to Grandma by Michael Jr


My grandma. My grandmother was the world to me. She was always caring and gave me advise to make me a better person out of myself. She always put her family first before anything and sacrificed a lot to make sure we never went without anything. I never had a mother, but she tried her best to fill that role better than anyone. I will love and miss her so much.


Tribute to Grandma by Daine, Janagale and Romaric


A grandmother gives assurances to her grandkids. A grandmother gives strength to her community. A grandmother gives life to her family. My grandma gave these three things each and every day. She helped us believe in ourselves; she served the people around her and even now, she feeds spirits with joy. If I know that she worked so tirelessly for all of us then I must try not to be so sad that she has finally received the peaceful rest that she deserves. So, please rest well, grandma, and we will give the gifts that you have gave us to our people and to each other. We love you and miss you.


Tribute to Grandma by Basil Jr, Matthew, and Jordan


When we think of grandma, there is only one word that comes to mind: Love. Grandma was, is, and forever will be love. Every memory that exists for the three of us is filled with admiration, respect, and love for her. She is our beginning; our teacher of what it means to truly be born into a family full of love. She has and always will watch over us by our side and continue to let us know that we come from love. She will continue to instill in us a strong presence of love that will help create and strengthen our future. Everyone present and in our hearts will know where we come from and the woman that taught us above all else, love your family and never stop loving them. We will honor her life and her love for generations to come. There are not enough words in any language to express the happiness we feel just to know who grandma is. Even now, we continue to feel her love and warmth hold us close. And she will be there with us every single step of the way.


Tribute to Mema by Anaya and Egjayba


Our earliest memory of Mema (the appellation Egjayba used as a toddler because she couldn’t pronounce grandma) was when she would call us on the phone and sing nursery rhymes with us. Mema used to sing with us “I’m a Little Teapot”, “Tree” Blind Mice”, “Bah Bah Black Sheep” and many more. We always remember how excited we were to have day off from school so we could watch with Mema  “Let’s Make A Deal” and “The Price is Right” and play along with the games to see if we would win the prize.  We will miss those times with our Mema, but also cherish and appreciate the times we had with her. We will remember all of the lessons she taught us and stories about her life growing up in the country in Jamaica. One thing she always told us was to behave “uno self” and take care of each other. And we promise to always do that for us and most importantly for her. We will love you forever, Mema. 


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